We aquired the 1947 Custom Hot Rod out of Duncan in March of 2013 from Jim Carroll Jr. it use to be owned by his Dad Jim Carroll Sr. He has since passed away.

Jim Sr. brought the car up from the states, and rebuilt her here on Vancouver Island. Jim was a original Hot Rodder in Southern California back in the day.  

The car had been sitting a while in Duncan, though under cover, it was parked on a dirt floor and she was tired and in much need of some TLC. but was a true hot rod, I fell in love with the car and purchased her on the spot.

We drove down to Victoria in the pouring rain, with no windshield wipers, windows or heat, she still doesn’t have any of that, she will always be fair weather sailor, lol!

We took her into the garage for mechanical, got her on the hoist, to take a good look. We strengthened her frame did a lot of work to her, complemented with new tires. Then she went in for paint and body work and new mirrors.  

Since then we have kept working on her around the clock, My car guy Matt is amazing! He has just about rebuilt the whole engine, rewired it, He has put in this and that. To many things to list, along with polishing it making her the show car she is today. 

We look forward to seeing you at the car shows around Southen Vancouver Island in 2018.

Cheers Jonathan!